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Skeena River Steelhead and Salmon Fly Fishing

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Fly Fishing

Once they enter the freshwaters, salmons and steelheads stop feeding, the scope of their remaining life is to spawn. Salmon and Steelhead will become aggressive towards anything that may be considered dangerous to the health of their eggs. This is the trick to hooking salmon or steelhead, take advantage of this aggressive behavior by swinging your fly in front of their nose until he bites it. When fly fishing for salmon or steelhead, the two keys to success are firstly the flies used and secondly how fast the line will sink and the ability to keep the fly just above the river bed.
Take advantage of our fly fishing experience for any technique from the classic dry fly to spey (skagit and skandi).

salmon fishing both single and spey double hands rods will do the job. The choice is down to personal preference. We suggest bringing both and you will not go wrong.
• Chinooks # 9/10.
• Coho e Chum # 8/9.
• Sockeye # 7/8.
• Pink # 6/7.

Steelhead: rods # 7 to 9. When fishing with streamer we suggest using rods # 8/9 since it is possible to hook a big steelhead or a big coho. Steelheads on dry fly are commonly fished with a #7 rod.

Trout and Char rods # 4 to 6.

Salmon and Steelhead
Reels must be robust with a very good drag system and have to be big enough to hold up to 60 yards of 50 pounds backing line.

Trout and Char
Bring light and robust reels that can fit a minimum of 30 yards of 20 pounds backing line.

Lines and Leaders
Salmon and Steelhead
Lines: floating with a sinking tip from 50 to 550 grains.
Leaders: 10ft floating or with different sinking rates.
Tip best if green in different strengths of 6, 10, 15, 25 pounds.

Trout and Char
Lines: floating or sinking.
Leaders: 10ft floating or with different sinking rates.
Tip length 10 to 15ft for small flies in clear water in strengths of 4 to 7 pounds.

Steelhead e salmon
Marabou streamers and rabbit leaches size 3-6X, popsicle streamer size 2X, flash flies 1-4X: colors purple, pink, red, orange, black.
Steelhead dry flies patterns: big elk or deer or moose hair caddis, Chernobyl ants in foam.

Trout and Char: bring all the classic patterns plus the ones you use in your favorite streams: salmon eggs and streamer size 4-10X, assorted selection of dry, nymph and wet flies size 6-16X.
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