Steelhead And Salmon Fishing

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Steelhead The Steelheads of the Skeena region are fish of legend. The misty Skeena River and streams of the surrounding Skeena and Nass water system offer the finest Steelhead fishing in the world. Deep Creek Lodge is on the Kalum River and our guests can be fishing for 15-20 pounder Steelhead within 10 minutes walking from the room door.

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Salmon Five Species of Pacific Salmon run the region rivers by the millions and they could be fished in big numbers. Chinooks (Kings), Sockeyes, Pinks (Humpy), Chums and Coho (Silver) are available from June to October and some weeks across July and August offer four or all five species of salmon to be caught. Check it out the detailed salmon season graph.

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Trout & Char Rainbow Trouts, Cutthroat trouts and Dolly Varden are aggressive, strong and beautiful fishes that populate almost every water in prolific numbers. It is common for anglers to catch trouts and char in the 18-28 inch range.

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Where to fish The Skeena region hosts many of the most productive rivers, some of them like The Skeena, The Copper, The Kalum and the Kitimat are already legendary. For the eager fishermen there are anyway many other rivers plenty of steelhead and salmon to discover for unsurpassed fishing pleasure.

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Saltwater Only a short drive to the North Pacific coast, and you have fantastic saltwater fishing for the above salmon species as well as bottom-fish, in particular the much desired Halibut. Using well-equipped ocean boats, our guides can accommodate 2 to 4 anglers, with overnight stays possible. You can fish the island-bays around Prince Rupert and the coastlines up to and near the Alaskan borders. Boat lunches and suppers on overnight-stays are an unforgettable delight, serving Dungeness crab and all other ocean goodies. The marine-life and scenery that you experience on these trips will stay with you forever...
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Fishing Season click to enlarge the image and check out when fishes species are available.